About Us

Inclusion Healthcare was started to help fill the gap in medical coverage for homeless youth (ages 16-24). This population is commonly overlooked as youth facing homelessness are less likely than adults to stay in shelters. They often couch hop, stay with friends, or in their vehicle. The 2018 Minnesota Homelessness Study counted approximately 1,500 homeless youth in MN in one night, which accounts for 15% of the state homeless population. However, this count is considered a gross under representation of the total homeless youth population in MN, which is thought to be about 6,000.

Causes for youth homeless are often multifactorial and can include aging out of foster care, abuse in the home (physical/sexual abuse or neglect) or lack of support for youth that identify as LGBTQ+. Of youth experiencing homelessness, 7 out of 10 have concurrent medical conditions according to the 2018 MN Homelessness study. These include chronic medical or mental health conditions, substance abuse disorders and other physical ailments.

Inclusion Healthcare staff plan to meet youth where they are at by partnering with local drop-in resource centers for homeless youth to provide FREE basic medical care.